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Brand name, thrift store, etc!

19 October 1985
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***Please note that I am mostly looking to buy right now, because most of the stuff in my selling journal is packed away in boxes to make room for a baby in November :)*****

This is my journal for selling clothes and other random things. I will have photos of everything, and if you want more photos, measurements, etc., please ask and I will get them to you ASAP! Everything is organized by category, so it should be pretty easy to navigate. I am willing to trade if you have things I want, and I am also willing to make deals - I really just need to get rid of this stuff! Make me an offer for whatever you want. If you'd rather I make the offer, let me know. Buyer pays for shipping, and I will give deals on shipping if you buy multiple items. So, if you have questions, or want any of my stuff, just send me a comment or an email!

I love PayPal! But if you don't have PayPal, I accept money orders, checks, and well-concealed cash sent at your own risk. Also, with checks, I have to let them clear first, which can take up to two weeks.

PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes it takes a little while to work out a deal. An item that is in the deal will not be marked as gone until the deal is final, so I apologize if you're interested in something that has already been spoken for.